Insane 2

Targem Games (Proprietary)

Insane 2 is a off-road race driving video game developed by the company, Game Factory Interactive and published by Game Factory Interactive. The sequel to 1nsane, this game features more than 150 races that become part of a series of cup competitions and championships. Apart from the standard time trial mode, the game also offers nine other modes, which include Gate Hunt, Capture the Flag, and Pathfinder. There are other new competitions in the game such as helicopter chases, bonus search, and territory control. The multiplayer mode allows a maximum of eight players, who can also access the same features offered in the single player mode.

The car races are set in various location including Africa, America, the Antarctic, and Europe. Racetracks can be found in deserts, highways, rough cross-country roads, and African beachfronts. Players can select from among 18 types of vehicles that range from carriages to massive trucks. Winning races earn the player points that can be used to buy vehicle upgrades and repair. Factors that can prevent a player from reaching the finish line without any damage include hazards created by opponents, railway crossings, inclement weather, and heavy tankers. Each vehicle’s car tuning and destruction systems are also shown in detail, so that the player can determine appropriate upgrades to purchase.