InRoads Survey

Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

InRoads Survey an infrastructure modeling program developed by Bentley Systems Inc. This program is made specifically for surveying professionals, who also take on civil infrastructure projects.

InRoads Survey aids in accurate raw survey data processing through a CAD environment. The program utilizes the entered data in producing plot-ready graphics and contributes to generating the initial look of the infrastructure to be created. Graphics generation is conducted with full precision in accordance to the set standards by authorities.

Survey data placed in the program can be adjusted by utilizing routines that comply with the said standards. Graphic representation will change each time the data is adjusted, which ensures faster acceptable output determination before carrying out the conceptualized project.

The 3D modeling feature is regarded as the core of the program. It creates DTM tracks together with the feature. Through this tool, surveyors will immediately see the outcome as well as necessary adjustments, if any.

This program also supports direct connectivity with numerous survey equipment, which are used during the surveying process. Examples of supported equipment are TOPCON, Nikon, SOKKIA, GEODIMETER, and many more. Collected data will be imported in electronic field books (EFB) or GPS.

InRoads Survey is also compatible with other InRoads products. Different programs work on specific projects, which means this software can be utilized for project model completion. With its lightweight and simple interface, modeling will be completed in no time and available for assessment.