InRoads Suite

Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

InRoads Suite is an infrastructure modeling software developed by Bentley Systems Inc. This program is one of the solutions utilized by infrastructure professionals to aid in planning and designing.

InRoads Suite gives way to a simpler yet more accurate infrastructure designing process with its high technology tools. It comes with multiple tools for collating data, mapping sites, and geometric references required for preparing pre-construction models for different infrastructure types.

The process of model creation starts with the process of including terrains, site survey data application and analysis, vector creation, and generation of visual output right on the program. This procedure gives a vivid image of the site even before commencing the project.

The program’s flawless build contributes to its performance despite delivering 3D images of the model. Editing existing data on the model is also simplified and conducted faster through the tool’s smooth operation.

An annotation tool also comes with the program, which is crucial in detailing various elements on the model. They can be recorded for documentation purposes and accessed by colleagues if necessary.

Among other similar programs, InRoads Suite offers more publishing options. Completed models can be exported to Machine Guidance with details set by standards in the field. The file can also be generated as plain PDF or 3D PDF for reporting process. This program can also be published through Google Earth integration if the project requires it.