InRoads Storm & Sanitary

Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

InRoads Storm & Sanitary is a project modeling software developed by Bentley Systems Inc. Tools used in this program may also be available in other Bentley Systems products like Power InRoads.

InRoads Storm & Sanitary is programmed to aid in designing storm water collections and sanitary sewer systems. In addition to designing, the program is also serves as an integral solution in data analysis, expansion, and management information, which are necessary for storm and sanitary networks.

Developed specifically for engineers responsible for storm water and sanitary sewer management, this program comes with an interactive 3D modelling feature for creating new networks or systems. It is also a beneficial tool in editing existing networks and tweaking sewer features according to project specifications. Every data entered in the system will be generated automatically, which immediately gives users an idea of how the system will look like once it is completed.

Aside from analyzing and calculating storm water collection and sanitary sewer data, it also has different pipe profiles, which are integral in completing these frameworks. It streamlines the designing process while accurately modeling the system given its interactive data manipulation feature. Pipe profile annotations can also be displayed for documentation process.

InRoads Storm & Sanitary does not only have all the comprehensive tool for sewer-related projects, but also an intuitive a not-so-intimidating user interface. Data entry is simple, which contributes to faster modeling.