InRoads Site Suite

Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

InRoads Site Suite is a site modeling program developed by Bentley Systems Inc. This program is often used by professionals in land and road development projects like civil engineers and prime developers.

InRoads Site Suite offers an intelligent and holistic modeling system that includes vital factors contributing to road development for accurate project preview. Systems include site features, survey details, drainage framework and systems, and others.

The program consists of different multidiscipline tools and designing elements useful to every professional working on public road and establishment projects. Tools include site design detailing for roads, landscapes, and mapping solutions used for generating precise models according to project specifications.

This InRoads suite runs on AutoCAD or MicroStation, which are common programs used by engineers, land surveyors, and architects. As the fundamental program is widely utilized by these professionals, it implies shorter learning curves in running and navigating the program, thereby allowing professionals to deliver the simulated output before carrying out a project.

Since the system runs on AutoCAD, users can easily transfer project data from one CAD platform to another. Its seamless operation gives way to faster project completion on print.

InRoads Site Suite also runs on a simple platform that allows users to move easily within the system. Its interface will not intimidate users, which allows them to complete major road improvements within the allotted time frame. Supporting documents like data sheet and guides are also available for an easier and guided navigation.