InRoads Site

Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

InRoads Site is a site design program developed by Bentley Systems Inc. This program is among the many infrastructure applications published by the company for road project professionals.

InRoads Site highlights a wide array of site designing tools tailored for specific project requirements. Through this software, an engineer can model a land development site by placing buildings, embankments, excavations, and many other types of structures.

Site designing is made more accurate with the program’s intelligent and interactive designing feature. Users can add new surfaces and import terrains according to the surveyed site. The design will take form on the fly with its superb tool sets. Modeled projects are presented in 3D to give users an idea of how the project’s outcome looks like once it is carried out.

Among its features is the Profile Generator, which gives way to simple and speedy profile creation on numerous surfaces. Profile annotations are added for easy data analysis. In addition, these annotations can be displayed on the program. It can also list down the details like superelevation diagrams, vertical curves, and many more.

Automation is also made possible with the high-end production tools integrated with the software. It speeds up the drafting process and presentation. It also comes with smart labeling features that promote productivity.

InRoads Site makes flawless integration within various CAD platforms, which are vital solutions utilized by road development professionals. Users can easily import sources from a CAD data and edit the entire appearance using a single program.