Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

InRoads is a civil design and engineering software that specializes on road and transportation infrastructure design. It is developed by Bentley Systems. This program is especially useful for civil engineers. It enables users to perform impact evaluations from the preliminary stages of development up to its completion. This program is used to design railways, industrial and commercial sites, municipal and public works, canals and rivers, levees, pipelines, and even environmental projects.

InRoads features element design and regression analysis capabilities that enables users to perform efficient complex design geometry. This program also features a roadway designer enabling users to make roadways with interactive design elements. It also features civil enhancement tools –Roundabouts, Civil GPS, and Civil AccuDraw. It also features DTM design, editing, and analysis functionality. This enables users to perform large surface enhancements, use triangle filters, copy and merge multiple surface portions, and scale for bathymetric data. This program also features exporting support for GEOPAK DAT format. It has vertical and horizontal annotation improvements. It also features changes on vertical and horizontal analysis and editing capabilities including table editor reporting and duplicate points reporting and graphical points chaining. InRoads has enhanced features as to survey and drainage elements. This program also features a Roadway Designer that enables users to control and manage roadway points and transitions.