InRoads Bridge

Bentley Systems Inc. (Proprietary)

InRoads Bridge is an infrastructure designing program developed by Bentley Systems Inc. This application works together with other Bentley infrastructure programs for accurate design planning.

InRoads Bridge aids in planning and designing bridges, which are vital parts of road infrastructures. It comes with numerous tools that help create accurate representations of bridges as well as their cross section views.

This program displays bridge representation according to specific data generated by professionals. It processes bridge data accurately and builds the image immediately. Data processed by the application includes dimensions, construction elements, and other road factors required in building a durable bridge.

Bridge supports numerous image representations. Cross sections and output can be presented in 2D images. The 3D image generation is useful for presentations to show how the project will look like once it is constructed. Raw data for designing can also be extracted from 3D images and generated on the platform for editing or cross sectioning.

The software performs flawlessly, and delivers images for users to build on the program. Solid images are applied immediately and ensure a preview of the outcome effectively.

InRoads Bridge offers an easy-to-navigate platform. Despite its high-end features, users will be confident in using the program for designing bridges. Generated data and representations can be loaded with other Bentley programs for complete road layout projects.