Inpaint 4.7

Teorex (Shareware)

Inpaint is a photo editing application used for removing objects from photos, fixing panoramic photos, removing watermarks, and more. These photo restoration techniques can be done in a few steps and even beginners can use the program. Inpaint works by reconstructing the image from the pixels near the problem area in the photo. The program has a simple interface and all the important buttons for doing tasks are located on the top portion of the window.

Removing people and objects from photos can be done with Guide Lines. Users just need to draw the guide lines around the object and click the Inpaint button to remove the unwanted element in the photo. Inpaint also offers some beautifying tools that erase wrinkles, pimples, and other blemishes on the face, giving a portrait a more professional look. Another feature of the program is repairing of old photos. Old photographs can be scanned and restored to remove creases and marks. Users who want to create ‘multiplicity photos’ can also do it with the program with the cloning feature.

Other functions of the Inpaint application include the following:
• Removal of texts and logos from photos
• Removal of date stamps from digital cameras
• Facial retouching
• Removal of power lines from photos