InnerPass, Inc. (Shareware)

InnerPass Web Meetings is a useful application for Skype users that conduct network communications on the platform. The utility enables the user to share the screen with as many as 50 contacts at any one time. Its primary applications are for corporate use, but it is also a handy tool for personal communications. This application expands the use of Skype such that more people can be part of an ongoing conversation even when they are located far apart.

Aside from its main function, which is to facilitate group interactions, InnerPass is also designed to perform additional functions related to organizing files, contacts, and details of meetings. The program is easy to implement and does not require advanced computer knowledge and skills. The user can launch the program on a mobile device so that urgent communications with the office can be sent anytime and anywhere and group decisions can be made without delay.

Reports state that the program is the most widely used of the many different Skype applications in the world. InnerPass is developed by InnerPass, Inc., which entered into a collaboration with Skype in the year 2008. The Web Meetings community now boasts of 3.6 million members from different parts of the world.