Software Imaging Limited (Shareware)

InkSaver is used for monitoring and controlling the amount ink used when printing with an inkjet printer. The program makes use of a patented algorithm to save on ink. The application’s main window has all the options and settings for saving ink. There are tabs on the window – Current Ink Settings and Ink Savings Estimator.

• Current Ink Settings – Under current ink settings, users can choose the ink savings percentage (0%, 25%, 50%, and 75%). Other information displayed is the color ink savings per cartridge, the black ink savings per cartridge, and the total savings for the entire year.
• Ink Savings Estimator – Under ink savings estimator, users can view information for the estimated cost per year without using the program and the estimated savings per year when using InkSaver.

The program can be an alternative to the ‘draft’ print setting as it lowers the amount of ink used without having to sacrifice the quality of printing. The settings can be configured before every printing job or the user can also opt to save just one setting for all printing jobs. The application supports all types of inkjet printers from different brands, such as Canon, HP, Lexmark, EPSON, Brother, and others.