Inizio Gothic III

Piranha Bytes (Proprietary)

Inizio Gothic III is a third-person virtual game that is designed by Piranha Bytes. This is the newest version of the original Gothic, and the sequel to Gothic 2. It is a fantasy game that follows the story of a fictional character called “The Nameless Hero”. The goal of the player is to complete every challenge and quest given by the game. This gives the player to improve his character’s skills and move on to the next stage of the game.

Players of Inizio Gothic III must join a faction. There are six types of factions featured in this game; players can choose from three: Hashishin, the Rebels, and the Orc. The storyline of Gothic begins with The Nameless Hero being thrown into a magical-themed penal colony. He will meet different characters that have connection with the factions. He has to stop and kill the beast called as “The Sleeper”. In another part of the game, the character and his friends are sailing to another place, to where the orcs rule and keep humans as slaves. This is also the part where the human king, King Rhobar the Second, is introduced. This is the king that threw The Nameless Hero into the penal colony at the first part of Gothic. The objective of a player is to join the orcs and avenge himself, or save the humans and their king.