Inherit the Earth 1

The Dreamers Guild (Shareware)

Inherit the Earth: Quest for the Orb is fantasy-themed adventure game developed by The Dreamers Guild and published by Wyrmkeep Entertainment. The plot is set in a time when furry animals found in fairy tales and fables existed. These creatures are called Morphs and according to legend, they were created by the last generation of humans that lived on the planet. Among the few remnants of the human race in this world include a few buildings and a piece of technology called the Orb of Storms, which has the ability to predict weather conditions. Unfortunately, this contraption has been stolen and the creatures suspect the culprit to be Rif, a member of the Fox tribe. The only basis for this speculation is the fact that he is a fox and that he had recently lost a puzzle competition, which he was expected to win.

With the help of a boar named Okk and an elk named Eeah, Rif set out to look for the Orb. The player takes on the role of Rif and explores various lands including the kingdom of the Forest King. Rif must interact with the tribes that he encounters in order to learn about their respective traits. The player will have to go through mazes, elude predatory animals like crocodiles, and solve simple puzzles. The ultimate goal is to determine the real thief of the Orb of Storms.