Infovox Desktop

Acapela-group (Shareware)

Infovox Desktop is a text-to-speech application created for the visually impaired. The program is able to read any type of text on the computer. It comes with more than 40 preset voices that users can choose from. Aside from the different types of voices, users can also choose from 20 languages. Additionally, users can purchase voice packs from the application’s official website. The program also has a lexicon feature, which enables the user to customize the pronunciation of words and sentences to be read out loud. Infovox Desktop comes with a DVD that demonstrates how to effectively use the application. The program can also be used by dyslexics and those who are suffering from disabilities.

Infovox Desktop allows users to access their computers using a screen reader. The program enables users to surf the Internet, as well as manage the way a text is typed. This can be done using the oral spelling feature of the application.

Other features of the Infovox Desktop application are the following:
• Multi-language voice packages available (German, French, English, Italian, etc.)
• Brail text for demonstrations
• Full dialogue interface to prevent screen dependence
• Complete assistive technology
• Includes two voices adapted for children