InfoSlips ForMe Viewer 4.2

InfoSlips Pty Ltd (Freeware)

InfoSlips ForMe Viewer is an application used to view InfoSlips. An InfoSlip is a document usually sent over email that contains different kinds of information, which may include salary data, product invoice details, and bank statement information. InfoSlips are interactive and secured with a Personal User Key, or PUK. InfoSlips may be viewed offline so recipients do not have to be connected to the Internet in order to access the contents; they just need to have the viewing application installed. The viewer has a small file size and uses minimal system resources for fast and easy installation and document viewing.

A single InfoSlip may contain several document types, including spreadsheets, presentations, HTML, Flash, InfoPath, and PDF files. Even so, InfoSlips files are compressed and have very small file sizes. The InfoSlips ForMe Viewer allows users to see all of the contents of an InfoSlip file from one program. This viewer has a simple and intuitive interface where users can easily see a quick-access menu that displays all of the important functions offered.

In addition, this application also lets users view their computer’s system information in detail, especially the hardware configuration and folder information. Users can choose to copy and save system information.