Microsoft (Shareware)

InfoPath is an application developed by Microsoft. The main functions of this program are for the design, distribution, as well as filling out and submission of electronic forms. This utility is intended work with structured data.

Microsoft InfoPath is useful to users who require a tool when they are collecting data with the plan of reusing the data immediately or in the future. This utility is also capable of data validation in order to assure consistency, accuracy, and facilitate conformation to existing standards.

InfoPath offers uses with various form controls, such as for instance list boxes, text boxes, repeating tables, optional sections and many others. Users can access commands easily via the shortcut menu.

This program is also designed to automate different tasks involved in utilizing forms without the user having to write code first. One tool is the rule feature that can be used in attaching the form to an outgoing email. One more available tool is called conditional formatting wherein automatic red background colors appear on sales projections that are below par, for example.

With this tool, users can check out the wizard features if they want to design a new form. The document is based on XML Schema or an existing XML document. InfoPath was discontinued by Microsoft in January 2014.