Sybase Inc. (Proprietary)

InfoMaker is an archived or discontinued product from Sybase. It is a reporting tool that enables users to query databases as well as create custom data reports. It also functions as a personal data assistant that allows users to work with data in various ways without requiring programming. It provides built-in connectivity to server-based and desktop-based databases. There were versions of the program that included the SQL Anywhere Database Management System and the Powersoft Demo Database to create databases and reports, respectively.

This program provides users with a graphical environment to work in, so even those who have no skills in SQL or database programming would be able to use it. This application is able to create SQL statements as the user builds reports and objects. The objects that can be created using InfoMaker are the following:

• Applications that function to bundle forms and reports and distribute these to other users
• Queries that serve to retrieve data for forms or reports automatically
• Forms utilized to view and change data
• Pipelines to pipe data from one database management system or database to another
• Reports to view data

One of the key features of this program is a set of painter tools that enable users to work with objects of a particular kind, such as reports and data pipelines.