Iceni Technology Limited (Shareware)

Infix is a PDF Editor application developed and published by Iceni Technology, Ltd. It enables users to access, edit, and store PDF files. The program is available in three editions – Standard, Professional, and Form-filler. The Standard and Professional editions are sharewares while the Form-filler edition is a freeware.

The program runs like a word processor. This allows users to sort out typographical errors and edit any element of the PDF file including font sizes, font type, text, images and more. It can also be used to reflow the columns and paragraphs automatically, as well as find and replace certain texts within the file. Copying text and graphics within the PDF file is possible as well. Aside from these features, the program is also capable of working on ready-to-print PDF files. It can also be used for converting printed files and translating PDFs to other languages.

Infix PDF Editor also features the following:

• Graphics Editing – Aside from handling text within PDF files, the program is also capable of working on graphics embedded in the PDFs. It can group, lock, and hide graphics. The program can also be used for editing and creating clipping masks.
• PDF Placing and Imposing – Infix can also be used to allow PDF files to be imposed or placed inside a new document. The program also offers rotate, move, and resize tools for placing PDFs.
• PDF Joining – The program features a drag-and-drop support for joining several PDF files. This allows different files to be merged into a single document.
• Text Contents Redacting – Infix offers a redaction functionality as well. This allows users to choose and then redact any text within the PDF file.