Infinite Pre-Algebra

Kuta Software LLC (Shareware)

Infinite Pre-Algebra is an educational program that serves as a worksheet and test generator for pre-algebra teachers. With this program, teachers can create tests on more than 90 pre-algebra topics, including geometry and word problems. The tests can contain multiple-choice and free response questions. Teachers can create questions with the characteristics they want to have, based on the parameters of their choice to adapt to their individual classes.

This program has an intuitive user interface that makes it easy for teachers to create tests and worksheets. Once an assignment or test is generated, teachers can regenerate the questions with just one click. The new problems or questions will conform to the parameters the user has set for the original questions. Teachers can adjust the spacing of the questions to give students enough space to show their solutions.

Infinite Pre-Algebra also comes with a Presentation Mode that enables teachers to present lessons and show how to solve problems easily. Up to four questions at a time can be shown on the screen. This feature makes it easy for teachers to present long questions as well as questions with diagrams and graphs. The topics covered by this program include multiplying and dividing decimal numbers, evaluating expressions, algebraic expressions and integers, greatest common factor, and linear equations, among other pre-algebra topics.