InfinaDyne CD/DVD Diagnostic

InfinaDyne (Shareware)

InfinaDyne CD/DVD Diagnostic program is a program that was initially released in 1997 and has since been modified for better functionality. The program formerly went by a simpler label then: CD-R Diagnostic.

InfinaDyne CD/DVD Diagnostic is a program that helps users recover files from CDs and DVDs. This program can be used to recover lost data in forms including audio, images, and text data. Aside from this, the program can also be used to recover video files that were originally contained in DVDs. Aside from typical DVDs, the program can work with Blue-Rays and HD versions.

The program has been designed to operate using a simple interface. This is what allows even novice computer users to take advantage of the recovery tool. The minute it is launched, it will automatically detect CD and DVD drives. It starts a general scan after the user chooses a particular disc. All content found on the disc will be displayed, including content for recovery. The files for recovery that the user chooses will then be read and copied to the hard drive. Aside from the hard drive, the recovered files can also be stored on external disks, including other CDs and DVDs. Aside from file recovery, the program is also capable of creating detailed maps of the recovered files.