Frontier Developments Ltd (Shareware)

Infestation is an exploration and combat single-player game that is based on vehicles. It features alien culture and technology and players are tasked to learn as much as they can as they explore alien worlds. The player can travel from one world to the next freely. The game has a single player mode as well as a multiplayer mode. Infestation is developed by Frontier Developments Ltd., a company that is based in England that was founded in 1994.

The game offers the player the chance to explore 22 different worlds, each of which is vastly different from the next. The single player mode has a diverse game play with a mission-based campaign. Players can do research on new vehicle modes and weapons as they progress in the game. Alien knowledge and technology may be delved into if the player so chooses. There are many powerful weapons to discover and use, from alien mines to futuristic spacecrafts. Meanwhile, the multiplayer mode offers many additional features, including buggy madness, racing, football, and capture the flag.

Infestation gives players of the game the opportunity to progress through five vehicle modes as they move forward in the game. A wide range of vehicles are available and each has features that could help the player complete each mission successfully and rid the world they explore of the alien menace.