Metropolis Software (Proprietary)

Infernal is an action adventure game about an angel-turned-demon whose task is to restore the balance between light and dark. The game's main character is Ryan Lennox. He is once an angel but is soon enlisted by the demons to become the one to balance the good and evil in the world. After becoming a demon, Ryan is granted demonic abilities. These include teleportation, the ability to control fire, and the skill to move objects and enemies (telekenesis). He also has the ability to get the souls of other angels.  

Infernal lets the player get access to many strong weapons as well as non-physical powers. The game makes use of interactive objects. These objects can be used in a variety of ways, from hiding from enemies to using them as defense. The game also lets the player do a variety of closed-range attacks. A variety of areas are explored where Ryan can fight the enemies. Most enemies appear immediately in front of the main character. Mana is used when using weapons or the character's supernatural powers. How much mana is consumed is based on the power of the weapons. Mana can be depleted. To restore it, the player has to kill the enemies or wait for it to restore over a period of time. The game also features a cover system. The player can lean against a wall. When doing that, he can take a sneak peek on the corners.