Industry Giant 2

JoWooD Productions Software AG (Proprietary)

Industry Giant 2 is a game developed by JoWood Productions and released on September 2002. The game is of the Business simulation genre. It is the second of the Industry Giant game series. The game is primarily a supply chain simulator. It allows users to decide and control some aspects of a business enterprise to arrive at the most cost effective way to success. This involves supply management skills including tactical, strategic, and operational skills.

Industry Giant 2 features more than 150 kinds of end products and raw materials to create them with. The business is divided into 11 industry sectors. Travel and transportation of goods can be done using up to 50 means of transport. Gameplay is affected by several factors—Competitors, Time, and Urban Development. Players can select up to 3 competitors to control the competition. More competitors means more skill points. Time is affected by the seasons and periods of growing and reaping. This can be tracked using the calendar shown on the lower right corner. Every New Year is announced by fireworks.  As the player progresses on each level, more transport options become available, as well as new products and raw materials. However, the downside of transportation is that they rack up expenses in maintenance.  Urban Development is affected by the placement of buildings, shops, and other establishments.