IndoDic E-Kamus 1.2

IndoDic Media (Freeware)

IndoDic E-Kamus is an electronic dictionary and translation utility for TruAlfa Indonesian and English translation dictionaries that does not require Internet access. It was primarily developed by lexicographer Wayne B. Krause with his Indonesian-speaking linguist colleagues and helpers. The term “kamus” means “dictionary” in Indonesian.

These dictionaries contain 50,000 entries which contain most variants of words, including prefixes and suffixes. It has a reader feature that can display instant translations by just hovering the mouse pointer over a word. It has an inbuilt spell checker that suggests possible words that can be applied. It offers a pop-up that can display instant translation from other third-party programs such as Internet browsers and document editors. It has a text-to-speech feature that can read and dictate English words. It displays word relations and information for English Indonesian words. It has a “sample usage” feature to show how words are used or structured in a sentence.

It has a simple and straightforward user interface with a few menus. It has a main dictionary window, a reader window and an external pop-up window. Common operations such as cut, copy, paste and other tasks are also provided in the application. The External pop-up feature can be toggled on or off when needed.