Indigo Renderer Network Slave

Glare Technologies Limited (Shareware)

Indigo Renderer Network Slave is an extension of the Indigo Network Manager that is easily installed or incorporated into the main program as a system service. It enables computers to run a network slave while on screensaver mode to ensure that no working time is wasted while accelerating network renders. Indigo Renderer Network Slave makes it easy for networks to function although there may be idle office workstations. This integrated feature does not require separate download since it is already included in the Indigo Network Manager package.

To enable Indigo Renderer Network Slave, users must navigate through the Indigo installation directory, locate "network_client_service_manager.exe," and run the said file. The action will prompt a pop-up wizard to appear. The wizard will then display two buttons: Install Service and Uninstall Service. It will also show a Service Status field that informs users whether the application of already installed or not. Once installed, the service runs every time the computer device goes into screensaver mode. The Network Slave will launch and continue any rendering process that is required within an active network of slaves and maters. Consequently, when the screensaver mode is exited, the background rendering is ceased to free up the device for active use.