Indigo Network Manager 3.4.19

Glare Technologies Limited (Shareware)

Indigo Network Manager is a program that functions as coordinator between a master computer and its slave computers. The application is designed to ensure that each master has adequate distribution of slaves, or devices that receive image data from other computers through sub-surface scattering, which may be in Mie or Rayleigh forms. Indigo Network Manager ensures rapid rendering for multiple devices to simultaneously carry out administrative work and large workloads. The program primarily generates a list where the distribution of slaves to every master is described, allowing administrators to monitor the allocation of rendered jobs in real-time. Supported 3D applications for scene rendering include Google SketchUp, Autodesk 3ds Max, Cinema 4D, and Maya. The network manager can also work with Blender, XSI, Revit, and XML.

Indigo Network Manager presents all pertinent data for each network formed. The relevant information includes the master's host and the user names, as well as the status of each line connected to a network. It comes with floating licenses that enable companies and institutions to render access not tied or bound to a single monitoring computer. The program acts as a licensing server that allows the rapid flow of rendering processes. Also, floating licenses simplify the maintenance of each network where Indigo licenses have been deployed.