Indigo Material Editor

Glare Technologies (Bundled)

Indigo Material Editor is part of the Indigo Renderer graphics program, which aids users in creating photorealistic images. The material editor feature allows users to create and edit the materials in Indigo Renderer, such as skin, clothing, and other objects. The editor comes with a comprehensive set of material functions that enable users to control any attribute of different materials. It also lets users to download directly from the online Indigo Material Database, as well as upload their created materials to the database directly. Users can search the online database to download materials for a project.

The Indigo Renderer application itself has an intuitive and responsive interface, which extends to the Indigo Material Editor. With the editor, users can tweak material attributes such as absorption layer transmittance, which would allow them to apply blemishes on skin and stained glass-like effects on windows. Users can also apply any material made in the SketchUp program to an object.

The interface of the material editor contains a list of materials, a preview pane which shows the current material, the material type, a map editor where users can change the material attributes, a mesh subdivision section, media attributes, and a texture editor. The different material types in the program include Diffuse, Coating, Glossy Transparent, Specular, and Blend.