IncrediMail 2.5274

IncrediMail, Ltd. (Freeware)

IncrediMail is an email client that allows users to add backgrounds, sounds, and other animations to their emails. Email backgrounds can be chosen from several preset backgrounds or users can also add their own photos to use as a background. There are several animated email notifiers to choose from, too. These animated characters pop up on the desktop whenever an email is received. As a default setting, IncrediMail launches at system start-up to receive emails immediately. Apart from customizing outgoing emails, IncrediMail is also capable of sending Ecards. There are several Ecards to choose from for every occasion. 3D effects are also available. IncrediMail has some basic features included in an email client. Some of these include an automatic spell checking feature, font style and size, and other writing tools.

This email program has security tools that will ensure safety and privacy. It is capable of blocking images that come from spam emails. It also has a Block Sender feature to block spam email addresses from sending future emails. Also, users can set some message rules to filter emails that they receive.

IncrediMail is compatible with some of the most popular email clients including Gmail, Yahoo, AOL, Hotmail, and many more.