Idoru (Shareware)

IncrediBasketball is a basketball-themed action game developed by Idoru and released on April 2009. This game features a single player game mode and multiplayer game mode for up to four players. This arcade basketball game features 18 basketball teams. It also includes four basketball court venues, as well as various power ups and supermoves. This game also features an in-game basketball player editor. Several game modes are also provided including tournaments, versus mode, training mode, custom tournaments, and mini games.

IncrediBasketball features basketball official game rules. Points are scored by twos or threes depending on the type of shot. The game is played by two teams opposing each other, with five players each. At the end of the game, the team garnering the most number of points wins the game. If the time limit ends in a draw, the game will be given a time extension. As with real basketball, the player holding the ball must dribble the same or pass it to another player after a few seconds, or else he earns a violation. For violations, the player’s points are subtracted. If not, the opposing team gets a free throw for the violation. The game features supermoves including Hell Catapult, Shot Fake, Turbo, or Spin Move. To master these power-ups, the player can train on the Training Mode.