IncrediMail Ltd. (Proprietary)

IncrediBackup is a backup and restore program developed by IncrediMail Ltd. It is available as a standalone application or as a component of the IncrediMail software. The program can be used for backing up and restoring email accounts. The program is capable of creating a backup of email messages, email attachments, folders, and contacts. Email contents such as e-cards, email backgrounds, and animations can be backed up as well. However, it cannot backup message rules, signatures, email account setups, and display pictures.

There are two ways to access the program. As a standalone component, it can be launched from the start menu. It can also be opened from the IncrediMail application. The program's interface is clear-cut. It offers only two options – Backup Account and Restore Account. If IncrediMail has several accounts set up, the program displays a list of all the available accounts, which are shown based on their profile names. To backup or restore accounts, just choose from the list and follow the steps. When backing up an account, the backup file will be stored in the “DATE-IncrediBackup-ACCOUNT_NAME.ibk” format. When restoring an email account to an existing one, all the content of the account (i.e. emails, contacts, folders, etc) will be overwritten.