Big Fish Games (Shareware)

IncaBall is a bubble shooter video game that was first released in 2007. In the game, players must clear each level by getting rid of the chain of balls that are coming out from a hole. The chain of balls follows the trail on the game screen. Players must prevent the balls from falling in the hole at the end of the trail. In order to get rid of the balls, players must create matches of 3 or more balls of the same color. The player controls the platform at the bottom of the screen that consists of a ball that can be shot at the chain of balls. Creating matches removes balls from the chain. The platform can be moved from side to side using the mouse.

On the game window, there is a progress bar at the top portion of the screen. This bar displays the number of balls that still need to be removed from the game grid before the level is done. Players can also view their score for the level at the upper left side of the main window. Players can also get power ups that fall when balls are matched. These power ups will help users finish the level successfully. IncaBall features 60 levels for hours of gameplay. The money earned from each level can be used to purchase different kinds of artifacts from the store.