Inca Ball

Sahmon Studio (Proprietary)

Inca Ball is an arcade puzzle game of the Match-3 ball-popping genre developed by Sahmon Studio and released in March 2008. Inca Ball features 60 regular levels and a number of bonus levels. This game also features fifteen Power-ups that may be used throughout the game. Inca Ball game play requires players to shoot colored balls towards moving colored balls. The objective of the game is to remove all the colored balls before the line reaches the gaping skull at the end of the path.

Inca Ball game play involves matching 3 or more balls of the same color by shooting colored balls to be inserted adjacent same colored balls, or clearing balls between same colored balls. Colored balls in a line are magnetized towards each other. Thus, when the balls between same colored balls are cleared, they automatically pull towards each other. If there are three or more magnetized balls, they are also cleared from the game the moment they touch. Inca Ball game play features a pod that moves according to the mouse position. To shoot a ball, player should use the left mouse button. To swap the colored ball for the reserved ball at the back, right click the pod. Bonuses and power ups appear from the top of the board and drift downward. To use these, the players must catch the bonus with the pod.