Inbox Toolbar, Inc. (Freeware)

Inbox Toolbar is a web browser add-on. It can be used on popular web browsers, such as Internet Explorer and Mozilla Firefox. The program enhances the browsing experience. After installation, Inbox Toolbar appears at the top of the web browser window, just below the address bar. The toolbar can be used for searching terms on the web. The results will show all of the websites related to the search term. The term can be highlighted on the results page, too. Inbox Toolbar also has a Services Menu. This allows users to gain access to the program’s functions. The options and settings can be accessed within the Services Menu, too. Some of the services that can be enabled/disabled are Desktop Notes, Email Notifier, Radio & MP3 Player, Spyware Terminator, and Web Security Guard.

Inbox Toolbar has a form filler. This feature eliminates the need to type in information on web forms repeatedly. The typed information is saved in the computer. The next time a form must be filled, the tool automatically provides all the necessary information.

Other features of the Inbox Toolbar program include the following:
• Download manager
• Skins and cursors
• Wallpapers
• Speed up downloads
• Spell checker for messages