In The Groove (Proprietary)

In the Groove is a musical video game that was first released in 2004. It is the first instalment in the In the Groove series of games. In the game, players must follow the arrows on the screen in order to dance to the beat of the music that is playing. The game consists of a wide variety of songs that is categorized under 5 difficulty levels from novice to expert.

As the arrows fall on the screen, players must press the corresponding keys as they reach the guide on the screen. Points given to the player depend on the accuracy of pressing the arrow buttons. Players can also get combo points for pressing arrows perfectly one after the other. The game has three game modes. They are the following:

• Battle Mode – In battle mode, two players can play the game. The player can play against the computer or play against another player. Players go against each other in 3 songs. Getting points fill up the power bar that allows players to throw off their opponent.
• Marathon Mode – In marathon mode, players must complete 4 or 5 songs in succession. Songs in this mode are made more challenging.
• Dance Mode – This is the basic game mode where the player gets to choose the songs to play.