IMVU, Inc. (Proprietary)

IMVU or Instant Messaging Virtual Universe is a chat program and an online social networking site where users can create their user profiles and groups, chat, play games, and even sell goods. They offer basic and VIP access membership. The basic membership gives user a virtual name preceded with Guest_ and allows them to access the chat service and create their personal homepage. The VIP access, on the other hand, takes out the Guest_ on the name and eliminates the advertising material on the user interface. It also allows the users to get a monthly credit allowance for shopping on the virtual marketplace. It also gives them access to some free virtual products and allows them to create up to 10 unique chat rooms.

One of the key features of the IMVU software is its ability to engage users in content creation. Users can develop the unique pages they own and edit the content based on their liking, such as putting up products they have developed. Content creation can be done on programs including 3D elements, Sketchup, and Blender. The user can choose to tag products as “derivable,” in which case, they give access to other members with VIP access to tweak their virtual product and then resell them on the virtual catalog.