ImTOO Video Cutter 2 2.0.1

ImTOO Software Studio (Shareware)

ImTOO Video Cutter is a program used for cutting video files into shorter segments. It supports different file formats, such as MPEG, AVI, MP4, WMV, and many others. The program has a simple user interface that can be navigated by both novice and advanced computer users. Videos can be imported to the program by using the browser or the drag and drop method. In addition to splitting video files, the program can also be used for merging several videos together to form one long video.

Once a video is imported to the application, users can select the start time and end time for the clipped video. There is a built-in media player that is used for previewing the video. The slider underneath the video player is useful for navigating to the part of the video to cut. Users also have the option to set the output location for the video file.

Here are the other features of the ImTOO Video Cutter program:

• Comes with different types of skins for changing user interface
• Application can be programmed to perform a task once the process of cutting the video is done
• Has multi-language interface
• Accurate setting of beginning and end points of the video