Imtec Battery Mark

Imtec (Shareware)

Imtec Battery Mark is an application that tests and diagnoses the battery of a user’s laptop. This notifies users the current status of their PC laptop’s battery so that this can be replaced with a new battery when needed, and users can prepare ahead of time.

This tool makes use of two testing modes: normal mode and fast mode. It also has 2 variants of load on a notebook’s hardware subsystem. It is either tested with or without full load. Once the test is conducted, any changes in the laptop’s battery power become visible on a detailed graph display. In addition, all changes and modifications are stored as a data report file, which users can view and analyze later.

Imtec Battery Mark supports two types of processors: multi-thread processor and multi-core processor. This enables users to create maximum load on either processor system when they test their laptop’s battery, regardless of the power condition.

The graphical user interface or GUI of Imtec Battery Mark does not only display the status or condition of the battery during testing, but also shows other details related to the battery and options for further modification. Its other features include:

• Total assessment system with unique algorithm calculation
• High speed tests
• Detailed Help section