GameStop (Freeware)

Impulse::Reactor is a game developer platform. It provides users with a developer portal that allows them to manage downloadable content. With this tool, game developers can add community features, DRM, DLC support, and multiplayer match-making features to their games. It does not need an external client in order to function and be included in the game; game developers only need to incorporate the DLLs of this program with their game and select the features they would like to use.

This game developer platform is able to reorganize the process of managing the chosen content and other features. In addition, it is able to seamlessly integrate with other software development kits or SDKs. Because of this feature, gamers will be able to add features when they have loaded up a game. An in-game catalog in which the available features are displayed will be shown. These may include content such as levels, quests, maps, skins, and campaigns, as well as game extensions such as new game modes and multiplayer options.

Impulse::Reactor provides users with free to play gaming, allowing them to select the content and game features they want. It also integrates with social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook and provides users with features such as server lists, rankings, cloud storage, and chat.