Impossible Creatures -- Relic Entertainment Inc.

Relic Entertainment Inc., Microsoft Corporation (Shareware)

Impossible Creatures is a real-time strategy game developed by the company, Relic Entertainment and published by Microsoft Studios. The game’s plot takes place in 1937 amidst a terrible depression. The player takes on the role of Rex Chance, the son of disgraced scientist, Dr. Eric Chanikov. His father is responsible for creating Sigma Technology, a method that enables people to combine two different species and turn them into a single creature. Fearing that death is near, Dr. Chanikov writes a letter and sends it to Rex so that he may seem him one last time. Unfortunately, Rex is unable to make it in time to speak with his father, and instead comes face to face with Upton Julius, who was his father’s main financier with less than noble aspirations. It is now up to Rex and Dr. Chanikov’s former assistant, Dr. Lucy Willing, to stop Upton from gaining ultimate power.

In the game, the player can choose between two playing modes: Campaign and Multiplayer. In the Campaign mode, the player has to go through 15 missions, each of which take place in an island in Isla Variatas. The goal of the missions is for Rex to collect various animal DNA in order to expand his army of hybrids. In Multiplayer mode, the player must choose among “Destroy Enemy Lab”, Destroy Enemy Base, and “Hunt Rex”.