EC Software (Proprietary)

IMPICT® is a screenshot enhancer program developed by EX Software and released on 1997. This program enables users to capture screenshots, as well as make enhancements on such to deliver a better image. It is highly useful when making program documentations or help manuals. It is not a regular image editing program that only enhances the graphical qualities of the image. This program enhances the effectiveness of the image through the use of enhancement tools. These tools enable users to add shapes, effects, and text to the image. This program also enables users to add vector objects to the screenshots.

IMPICT® files are saved in IPP file formats. This enables the users to open the file on another program and still protect the original file. This program enables users to enhance their screenshots in regular graphics programs without losing the enhancements done on the IPP file. This program also supports copying and pasting of objects from one IPP file to another. This is done through the Object List, which details all the objects added on a specific IPP file.

IMPICT® provides support for several image file formats including JPEG, GIF, PNG, and TIF. It also provides support for image file formats exported by third party programs like Photoshop PSD, Paint Shop Pro PSP, and Kodak PhotoCD PCD, among several. This enables users to utilize image files without converting the same to IPP or BMP first.