Imperial Glory

Pyro Studios (Proprietary)

Imperial Glory is a military computer video game set during Europe's Napoleonic era. This historical era is marked by the reign of Napoleon Bonaparte in France and his relatives in various countries in Europe. The players choose an empire that they will take to entirely conquer Europe, as well as the Middle East and North Africa. The game features battles that are rendered in 3D. The in-game environment is rendered in 2D. At the start of the game, the player has access to primary units which are divided to cavalry, artillery, and infantry. Cavalry are mounted units. Artillery are the units which are armed with shooting weapons. Infantry are the units that walk on foot.

A basic task in Imperial Glory is seizing provinces. Units move across the map when they are assigned to a commander. Commanders are the one who can order the other units in the game. Depending on the commander's rank, he can order a specific number and type of unit. Building that can be constructed can also be modified. "Research" is an aspect that enables upgrading buildings and access to stronger units.

While the main goal of Imperial Glory is to conquer other empires, the player may also enter diplomatic relations with the empires. The alliance can cause an increase in trade relations and commerce.