Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile

Tilted Mill Entertainment (Proprietary)

Immortal Cities: Children of the Nile is a simulation game that focuses on simulating how people lived in Ancient Egypt. The player is tasked to work with Ancient Egyptian citizens to help build a country where people can thrive and live. The player acts as a ruler of a lively civilization beside the Nile, a river in Egypt. The player has to organize the citizens, like where they work or live in order to build a sufficient community. In time, the city can produce goods, which in turn, can be traded to other cities. The city can also be expanded by conquering other cities. Families in a certain area of the city are of specific types. The houses that must be built should correspond to the type of family that will live there. As a simulation game, citizens in the city live and die. Because of that, the player is able to see how future generations of the family move from one profession to the next, and also from one family type to the next.

Rendered in 3D engine, the game's graphics enable it to create a video game representation of Ancient Egypt. It also enables the player to zoom the camera so that the city can be viewed closer, allowing the player to see various individual activities of the citizens.