IMG to ISO is a computer application that provides its users with IMG to ISO file conversion services. The application works with various image files including those, which have been sourced from CDs or DVDs. In this case, the program creates an exact copy of the chosen image files and converts them into a format, ISO, which can easily be viewed through standard viewer applications and stored or copied onto external devices.

The IMG to ISO is a pretty basic image converter application making it suitable for computer amateurs. There is no need to familiarize oneself with complex processes in this case especially because the primary interface of the application is extremely user friendly. There are different file extensions that can be loaded onto the system including popular options such as .IMA or .IMG, which are considered as commonly utilized image file formats. Even when different extensions are worked on, the generated image output will render an ISO extension, more specifically the ISO-9660 format. This particular format is compatible with different image viewers, even those that exist as standalone programs.

The IMG to ISO application can work on small or large scale images with conversion processes only lasting for several minutes at a time. Copies of both the original image file and the converted ISO formatted one are recorded for future reference.