IMG Converter

AlvarSoft (Shareware)

IMG converter is a program used for converting images. It can read 20 different image formats and converted these to 16 different output formats that may be displayed on the user’s preferred image viewer. Right-clicking on an image file displays the conversion menu with the available options. The application features a compression tool that can process thousands of photos at once to create more compact files.

In addition to converting one image format into another, this program can also rotate, resize, as well as compress digital photos. Users can likewise add captions and even watermarks to their images. Prior to conversion, users may also preview images to verify which ones are to be converted. The preview image will show the output file—what it will look like after conversion, the output compression data, and also the dimensions of the converted image, if the user has chosen to resize it.

IMG Converter is able to convert the following image formats: Adobe Photoshop document, AVID TARGA, graphics interchange format or GIF, joint photographic experts group or JPEG, Microsoft bitmap, Microsoft icon, personal computer exchange, Adobe portable format, portable network graphics or PNG, portable pixmap, progressive graphics file, raw camera output, sun raster, tagged image file format or TIFF, and wireless bitmap.