iMetaSearch 5.0

Puffinware LLC (Freeware)

iMetaSearch is an application primarily used for grouping search engine results. When the user inputs keywords in a search engine, the pages display the results. These results are often unfiltered. If the player searches for Andromeda, the search engine might display results for the galaxy and the TV show, for example. With this program, the results a user obtains are grouped according to category. The user simply selects the category and it will only display results within said category. The results can then be exported by the user to a spreadsheet application for further analysis.

The program creates an index that can be sorted by suggesting additional phrases and words related to the query. The results can be gathered across a number of sources, such as blogs, discussions, videos, images, and websites themselves. One unique feature is that the program displays the search engine results not just from one search engine, but a number of  search engines. This means it does not take data from a single source.

iMetaSearch also has customization features that allow the user to change how the program looks. Fonts can be changed to make the text reader-friendly, or more in line with the user’s aesthetic preferences.