iMesh, Inc.

iMesh (Shareware)

iMesh is a peer-to-peer file sharing application that allows users to download, publish, and share video and audio files over the Internet. The program was first released in 1999. Users have access to more than 15 million multimedia files that can be downloaded for free. iMesh supports iPods so users can easily transfer music and videos straight to their iPods or MP3 players using the program. Transferring content can be done automatically or manually.

iMesh’s interface has all the tools needed for managing audio and video files. On the top portion of the window, there are five tabs – Library, Home, Search, Discover, and DJ. With these tabs, users can easily make use of the program’s features with the click of a button. The interface also has a built in player. One of the software’s features is the iMesh DJ. Users can input the name of an artist, mood, or a song and the DJ will automatically come up with a playlist based on the term entered on the field.

The program also acts as a social network for music lovers. The program has a built-in messenger system that allows users of the program to communicate with each other on a chat window. The chat features allows users to listen to music together, share files, and upload photos.