IMANDIX Cover Professional

IMANDIX (Shareware)

IMANDIX Cover Professional is created to assist cover designers with the flair for conceptualizing and executing cover designs for CDs and DVDs. This program is designed to cater to the needs of people who are interested in animated and multimedia design.

Windows users will find this tool very handy. Once the cover bitmap loads, IMANDIX Cover Professional generates a preview in 3D automatically. The program is easy to use, which is ideal for novice computer users. This preview is a very accurate representation of how the cover design will look like in a real-life CD or DVD case.

Some of the key features of the tool that users find indispensable are:

• 30 cover displays in a row
• Wide range of 3D templates
• Adjustable light intensity, background color, case color as well as perspective and angle
• Rotating animated cover view
• For popular DVD cases of all sizes

IMANDIX Cover Professional allows the user to make changes in the background color of the image. The user can make modifications by using the standard view. The alternative is to utilize one of the templates in making changes in the alignment. The output is usually saved in JPG format but other popular formats are available as well.