GeoVisu team - (Bundled)

ImageVisu is an application that enables users to view images and graphics in different image formats, including BMP, PNG, RAS, XPM, and TGA. In addition, it can also display geographic and GPS files. Users can choose to view images one by one, or in a slideshow format. Images can be added to the viewer by dragging and dropping these into the main window. Users can also enter the file address (file directory path or webpage URL) in the program’s address box, and the application will load the images found within those locations. Users can view images in full screen mode.

ImageVisu’s additional features are as follows:

• Displays animated GIF – users can view the animation of GIF files and stop it by pressing the space bar.
• Displays multi-image files – TIFF files usually contain multiple images, and these are displayed one below the other in ascending chronological order. This feature is useful for reading ebooks.
• Displays file directories – whole image folders or webpages can be viewed as well. This application can also show the subdirectories, or images contained within other folders within the main folder.
• Read compressed files – this application can read files saved in ZIP or GZIP format. If a ZIP file contains images or graphic files supported by this application, the images are loaded for users to view.