Imagesynth 2

Luxology (Proprietary)

imageSynth 2 is a program used for making textures and high-res images. The application makes use of advanced synthesis algorithms in order to come up with quality results. It can be installed either as a standalone program or as an add-on for the Adobe Photoshop program. It can be utilized by game designers, graphic artists, advertisers, and animators. The program was developed to support systems that run with two cores. This makes it faster for users to work with their images.

The program has a simple user interface, which makes it ideal to use for both beginners and experienced users. All the menus and tools are located at the upper part of the window. When an image is selected, it will be displayed on the main work area. The different settings and actions for can be accessed from the right and left side of the main window. The program comes with an input preview feature, which allows users to zoom in and select only a part of the picture to work with. The preview shows the entire image, as well as the area that the user is working on.

imageSynth 2 is no longer being developed and can also no longer be downloaded.