ZapWallPaper (Freeware)

ImagesMixer is an image editing program developed by ZapWallPaper. The program adds a watermark to the image. This enables users to post the image online without worrying whether another person can use the image and pretend that it was taken by him. This helps users protect their copyright over their images. This is highly useful before uploading images online, or using the same on a blog, or sending them via email. The watermark can be used to indicate the ownership of the image.

ImagesMixer features some image customization options. Users may convert images from one image file format to another. Supported file formats include JPEG, GIF, and PNG, among others. Users may also add image effects, rename file names, and resize images. Users may also convert stationary images into animated images or GIF. As to the watermark capability, users may change font size, watermark size, transparency, and shadow of the watermark object. Users may also change the position of the watermark in the image.

ImagesMixer interface features a grey classic interface. The menu bar features three options corresponding to Picture, Profile, and Options.  The window is divided into 3 parts. The top part enables users to perform customization options including rename, resize, and convert functions.  The middle part provides a preview of the watermark image that will be embossed on the selected image. The bottom part shows the finished image as well as some finalization options.